I Can’t Sit Back and Not Rage!

James wearing an oversized foam finger!

James Enright deserves to be remembered. He was my best friend. He was a non judgmental, caring, kind and unornamented human being. The relationship we had anyone could envy. We always told each other the truth, we were brutaly honest and said the hard things that needed to be said. The way that he loved me was one of a kind, theres nothing even close to compare.

When he was murdered in front of me, stabbed in the heart for trying to protect me from complete strangers that were drunk and attacked me. My entire world collapsed in on it’sself. I am not the same.

James Enright and Ashley K Age 13

We met when we were 12 or 13. We were “bad” teenagers together. Causing trouble in North Vancouver. I always had a soft spot in my heart for him, there was just something about him. He was one of the first people in my life other then my parents at the time, that had ever told me they loved me. I remember he had a surprise for me when we were 14. He got me this gorgeous emerald and diamond tennis braclette, he said as soon as he saw it he thought of me and wanted me to have it. PicsArt_11-18-08.18.49I wore it everyday for close to 5 years, sadly it broke one day and I lost it. It was expensive and exactly what I would have wanted.

He had this ability to know what was going on inside me, he could see right through my defenses. I’m so grateful for that because I was able to just be myself with him. And the best part is he thought I was awesome no matter what.

Valentine’s day… Edmonds SkyTrain station. We were about to have a lazy movie night together so we could catch up with one another. We hadn’t seen each other in just over a year. We decided to watch the movie Hustle and Flow, popped it in the Xbox. I received a phone call from a friend who was nearby. As I quickly gathered my things to rush over to the SkyTrain station James stopped me, took me by the hand, looked me straight in the eyes and told me how much he loved me and how much our friendship meant to him. At the time I didn’t understand why he was doing that, I sort of hurried my acknowledgment and agreed with him, ditto, obviously!

I didn’t know it at the time but that was God giving me my final goodbye.

Meanwhile Jesse Sallem and Taitusi Vikilani are intoxicated at the bus loop starting fights with whomever was around. Once I was within blurred eye view I became their target. Taitusi came right to my window leaned in and shouted at me. I asked him if he realized he was screaming at a girl.

I’ll never forget his response to my question. “I don’t give a f*** that you’re a girl” then proceeded to punch me in the face again and again.

James got out of the car to protect me. And I watched my best friend hit the pavement like a tree after hearing “Timber!” He was stabbed in the heart. And Taitusi winds up and stomps on his jaw full force.

Did I mention Taitusi is a talented player on his high school rugby team? He wound up to stomp his face again but I ran over and tackled him away. They took off running and I tried to put pressure on his chest. There was so much blood.

This all happened around 11 pm Saturday night.

James died later in the hospital. It was 5 or 6 am in an interrgation room I had been in for HOURS. I fell to the floor of the Burnaby Police Department in disbelief. I just screamed and cried. I couldnt even move.

It’s been almost 3 years since this happened. And Taitusi was finally sentenced, if you could even call it that!! He received 6 months less a day with 3 years probation. He tried to plead not guilty but was found guilty of assault and manslaughter. The icing on the cake of that sweet deal is he’s not even a canadian citizen! His parents moved here from Tonga.

He was 3 years old and they never applied for his citizenship. He faced deportation if he received a sentence longer then 6 months. If I had a say (which apparently they only let the victim believe they have a say) I would ship him out of the country. One less problem to worry about.

Justice served… nope….

I lost my job, I used drugs heavily to cope. I couldn’t go outside, I had panic attacks. I hated the world and everyone in it for a very long time.

I tried to take my own life struggling with “survivors guilt”. I believed I didn’t deserve to smile or be happy without him.

Soon to come!! The less depressing part to this rant.

How I started to heal. What I’ve done to move forward with my life.

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