Digging Through my Storage Locker

Today I went to my storage locker with a purpose. To find my steel toed boots and my paint supplies. Amazingly I found both! It was tough though, since it was only me, moving heavy boxes, climbing up on a desk and balancing on questionable surfaces. I have a mild condition of the hoarding. I threw away so much stuff when I put it all in storage and yet today as I sifted, I couldn’t believe how much junk I have stored away. Granted there are a lot of gems in there and all my furniture is important. But just… Wow. I need garbage bags and dedication to tackle this job.

To give you an idea of how much stuff I had in the beginning. When I moved from where I had lived for 4 years it took two 25 foot U-Haul trucks jammed floor to ceiling, front to back plus 2 or 3 car loads. Before my mutinous addiction overthrew my sanity, I had a great job where I got paid quite well when I hit my sales targets (and I always did). I would treat myself to something. I love furniture shopping! Estate auctions, refurbishing dull or heavily used pieces. After James passed away I hated going out so it became my obsession to fill my place with stuff to entertain myself with. Peculiarly any store that had anything to do with my hobbies I didn’t mind going to. It still was a struggle but much easier. I found it easier to go to Michael’s art supply store then to the grocery store.

Des Serres, Opus, Michael’s, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Lowe’s became my sanctuaries. Art supplies, gardening, DIY. Wayfair.ca & MaxSold and Sherwin Williams. Des Serres is THE BEST art store hands down. Oh and online is Dick Blick. Fyi.

As I was going through my locker I found a bunch of my art work. I have no where to put it at my house right now but I couldn’t leave it behind. I’m going to have to make room for it because I miss painting. Expressing myself. It’s so therapeutic. Here are just a couple of my paintings.

When I look at these it reminds me that even in the middle of destruction chaos and misery there is a way out. Finding things that bring you joy can pull you out of the darkness and doing it because you love it, it’s something to be proud of.

I started drawing again. My problem is… I guess I wait until I’m miserable to do the things that truly bring me happiness. And that is something I need to change. Note to self: Make time for FUN. Quality alone time.

Tomorrow I’m going to pull out the paints and get crazy!!!

Also this week I’m going to get garbage bags and start shoveling junk. Declutter my storage, meditate and clear my mind, cleanse my soul… I’m going to try the Japanese art of tidying up. Where you throw away anything that does not bring you joy. And unquestionably discard anything that causes a negative feeling/reaction. I think it’ll be good. Maybe it will start a chain reaction and I continue decluttering other areas of my life.

Come to think of it I did start the tedious lengthy task of organizing my email inboxes. I have a few email addresses and boy oh boy do I get a TON of junk. In just one inbox I had 5600 emails. I really need to tabulate my photo library. Delete duplicates, screen shots, the accidental shot of the floor or back of someone’s head. I delete it on my phone when it happens but it’s too late it’s already been sent to Google Photos, and I tend to forget about that spot.I just had an idea! If you have any awesome tips or tricks regarding decluttering your life, comment and share with me. Any tips on the best practice to tabulerize photos would be greatly appreciated.

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