Blog Branding to Exceed my Wildest Dreams

I started blogging for multiple reasons.

  • To help anyone struggling with addiction.
  • To share my thoughts and those of other people’s pertaining to addiction, recovery, finding solutions. (I’ve been through a lot so I hope to share my experiences and the things I’ve done to get through it all.)
  • My passion of art, yoga, fitness, pole dancing. Meditation, mindfulness, positivity and kindness.
  • I love to write and be creative.
  • I hope to share my photography and art work. (Eventually receive requests and interest. Once I get myself sorted and established.)

My biggest dream would be to have thousands of followers with stimulating provocative discussions flowing, where I’m learning knew facts, seeing different perspectives, providing help, giving comfort to people struggling.

Life is hard and it’s important to talk about it in a positive way. Especially if you’re struggling with mental illness and addiction.

I hope i’ll be selling custom artwork and photographs as well as making a little side income through affiliate marketing through this site.

In the end though I’d be happy if I just keep myself busy and sane with the possibility of being able to help someone.

So I’m dedicating any free time I have to learning how to make this better, adding new alluring content, and trying to find new ways to reach all over the world, so I can meet all kinds of people.

So leave a comment or give me a like so that I can meet you, and check out what your contributing.

My biggest viewed post so far has been How I Started to Heal please check it out. It’s about the action I took to help me move forward in my life after being attacked randomly, subsequently losing my best friend.

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