EMDR Therapy: Sessions 2,3&4

Interesting concept on healing from trauma. I may just have to research this further and give it a go.

The Mindful Planet

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to summarise the latest three therapy sessions so that I’m not repeating myself as these have all been in the ‘preparation’ phase of EMDR Therapy.

Over the last few weeks my therapist and I have been focusing on an almost meditative technique which allows your brain to process the feelings you had during and after the trauma.

It begins by focusing on a feeling you had such as fear, pain, confusion or panic. You imagine one of these emotions without thinking about the circumstances of it and choose a colour that best represents it. By focusing on the colour representation and not the actual emotion it prevents the brain from reacting in fight or flight and so makes it easier for the emotion to be processed.

With the colour in mind you then start the breathing exercises. First picturing the colour as teenie…

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