When Missing Him Becomes Too Much to Bare… We remember James Enright.

I am creating this post for all of James Enrights family and friends. My goal is to put together a page where everyone can come to visit, see pictures of him, read memories and share experiences.


If you feel up to it please share the first time you met or your favorite camping trip, any fun important memories. We lost James 3 years ago almost to the day and it still feels like yesterday. And yet it feels like I haven’t seen him in forever.


I would love for anyone to contribute. The other thing I would love from you… Any photographs you have of him. So we can post them to this page and make it a beautiful shrine. Email them to me, contact me via Facebook, all my information is here. Contact Me

After the funeral I asked everyone if they wanted a custom collage. I was going to make up a bunch of them. A lot of people said they wanted one. Unfortunately there wasn’t any follow up, mainly I didn’t realize how brutally traumatized I actually was. The intention was there, I was incapable of doing it.

But now I would really love to complete this idea. And I hope some of you do too. We all loved him so much and I still struggle from time to time with the thought, “It should have been me.” But I know that when the time comes we will get to see him again, he’s waiting on the other side for us, fishing and having a good time. Watching over all of us.

In Loving Memory of the James Enright.

How I started to heal. What I’ve done to move forward with my life.


1 thought on “When Missing Him Becomes Too Much to Bare… We remember James Enright.

  1. A collage is a wonderful idea and I think will help with grief – happy memories are worth sharing.

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