Wild Ride Down Memory Lane

Following my dream, my destiny.

I used to have an Iphone, all of my photos were automatically stored in iCloud. It was great, everything was accessible and all in one place. When it came time to get myself a new phone I went with Samsung, not knowing iCloud was irreconcilable with them. I think its ridiculous I cannot login and access my photos saved in iCloud using my Samsung device. I finally paid to regain access to my data and was pleased to find thousands of photos. Here are just a few of my masterpieces!

What a wild ride down memory lane.

I’m ecstatic to share some of it with you. A simple visual art diary of sorts. Lol.

Pick your favorite, share in the comments, boost my confidence, help me get to know you better by letting me know what you like.

A sad tidbit about some of this artwork. When I went off to recovery I left a suitcase of my belongings at a friends place. I thought it would be safe there. But it wasn’t and people lost in addiction riffled through my possessions and stole my art work.

As devastated as I am, sadly, what more can I expect? Living on welfare, no moral compass… This person is going around taking credit for my work. I’m honored. It would be utterly amazing if they stole my work because they liked it so much they are waiting for someone to discover me, bestowing the opportunity, embarking me on the path foredoomed in the stars, where everyone has to have something I’ve painted in their home. Then they are rich with some of my very first original art work.

Soon the art I managed to hold on to will be put up for sale. I would love feedback. Which pieces you like, could you see my artwork in your home decorating your space. Please give me your opinions on what you think I should do. I also will do paintings by request. I have a few coming up I’m really excited about doing. Eagerly waiting to share it all with you when I complete it.

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