See No Evil – The murder documentary & my life.

The Man in the Red Jacket

TV Episode | TV-14
Documentary, Crime, Drama

On Valentine’s night, 2015, 27-year-old James Enright is stabbed to death outside a busy train station in Burnaby, Canada. Despite cell phone footage of the attack, police struggle to…

The documentary, something I have not even watched yet myself.

Burnaby Now wrote an article geared more towards what occurred as well as the documentary and what it was focused on, the police work and video footage captured.

I would love if you all have the time and interest to read this article and watch the documentary. And if you can check out my other posts that would be amazing. I have found writing and sharing through this blog has been helpful.

4 years have gone by and it really doesn’t feel like it. It was difficult re-living this but our story is finally told. When this happened the media portrayed us as the instigators, because James had a criminal record and was recently released from jail.

Taitusi Vikilani was captain of the rugby team at his high school and attended church, even had his pastor put in a good word for him at the pretrial. The media even went as far as to go to his high school and interview class mates, because it was super important to get the opinion of 10th graders.
One of the students said they didnt think Taitusi would ever do something like this. Well guess what, he did. Six foot three, captain of the rugby team, assaulted a petite female through the window of her vehicle. As he yelled in my face, I asked him “Do you realize you’re yelling at a girl?” And his response “I dont give a fuck you’re a girl!” And then proceeded to punch me. And of course James got out of the vehicle to protect me.

I have a couple questions at the end and would appreciate hearing from you and thank you for contributing.

This kid was drunk, out in public picking fights with people, swearing racial profanities and attacking young women without a care. But… he wouldn’t do something like this! Taitusi Vikilani was granted bail and lived the year with only a 9pm curfew, and weapons ban until the actual trial. He was pleading not guilty. James was stabbed in the heart and died, his entire family and I? Our hearts shattered, Taitusi Vikilani pleads not guilty. So not only is he not taking responsibility for what he did, he is dragging all of us through the trial process.

Jesse Sellam pleads guilty, which means it doesn’t go to trial, they make a deal. The most horrendous sentencing, a true injustice. He was sentenced to 4 years, but also here in Canada, any time spent waiting for trial is counted as time and a half off your sentence. He basically plead guilty to stabbing and killing a person and did 3 years. With no probation, no conditions or requirements to live in a half way house upon his release.

Now Taitusi, he was found guilty but only received a sentence of 5 months with 3 years probation. This kid instiagates the fight, assaults me, I watched him wind up and stomp on James face as his body lay in shock, lifeless and stiff on the pavement blood pouring from his heart, Taitusi winds up to do it again but I sprint as fast as I can and tackle him before he could deliver another blow. Jesse and Taitusi take off running.

So, 5 months? Taitusi is not a Canadian citizen! His parents moved here from Tonga when he was very young and never applied for his citizenship. If the judge were to sentence him to more then 6 months he would have been deported. If you ask me he should have been deported! He is 18 years old behaving like this, how was he planning on contributing without his citizenship? In my opinion he deserves to be deported, living in Canada is a privilege that should be cherished and respected.

So finally with this documentary and the article in burnaby now our story is told! How it was wrong place wrong time, how we were attacked by drunk boys who knew no consequence. And James was a remarkable person, and I loved him deeply.

My questions for you!

Do you feel 5 months is enough? Do you feel 3 years is enough? Especially to get out with no probation or curfew.

Comments & Opinions

Are you someone who posts reviews on Google? Doesn’t take very long right? If I have recieved great service or there was hair in my food I take the time to write a review. What I wouldn’t do is watch a murder documentary, look up the victim who survived on Facebook and send them a hurtful message. Would you do this? Who’s got the time? See, I recieved a message from a lady down in the U.S. somewhere telling me it was my fault James is dead among other distasteful comments. I dont understand this behavior, why would someone feel their negative opinion matters so much. In this instance I have asked you to contribute, fair enough. But this murder documentary? Or the comments on the news articles back when this happened even! The comments from some people were atrocious and disturbing.

These people, firstly are only getting the small, partially incorrect facts from this media outlet, as well as facts that should not have even been introduced to the public in this way. The time of the incident isn’t right, this happened closer to 11 pm. On a Valentines day Saturday night? Is that really too late to be out at a sky train? Because there were tons of people there, at least 20 or 30 witnesses. I feel like the internet has given people a platform to hide behind where they dont think about their words or how they affect other people. What is the purpose of saying these things or sending that message? I would love to hear from a keyboard warrior themselves. What ever happened to kindness? Wanting for others what you want for yourself? Enjoying someone else’s success?

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5 thoughts on “See No Evil – The murder documentary & my life.

  1. The video is not available in my country (UK), but I was able to view it using a VPN. The meagre sentences left me wondering if the judge was a relation of one of the accused or a friend of the family. Both of the accused should have received long sentences.

    There are a lot of violent assaults and murders in the world that would never happen if it wasn’t for alcohol. Although the UK Government refuse to accept it, alcohol causes more destruction and ruins more lives than any other drug in my country.

    People, who leave comments like you described, are pitiful creatures. They appear all over the internet. Often they try to boost their own ego on YouTube, by criticising someone who has demonstrated their knowledge, or displayed a particular skill, which they are incapable of doing.

    On social media like Facebook they indulge in cruel comments whilst in the safety of their own homes. They can feel brave when there is no threat of retaliation, particularly when they remain completely anonymous.

    Losing someone close is bad enough, but losing them under violent circumstances is worse, especially at a young age. I feel for you. Time will help ease the pain, but the Justice System should have contributed more, by playing their part in providing proper justice for the victims.


  2. I’m glad See No Evil covered this event Victoria- I just saw it on my TV. Millions will now know about this tragedy, about the disgusting humans Jesse Sellam and Taitusi Vikilani, and the incredible injustice handed down by Judge Galati in this case. He is as terrible a person as Jesse Sellam and Taitusi Vikilani and should be forced out of the judiciary for his heinously poor lack of judgement and compassion for you and James’ family. I hope the power of the media and internet follow Taitusi and Jesse for years and render the justice that Judge Joseph Galati would not. Stay strong, like Chanel Miller, and as the citizens here recalled Judge Aaron Persky for his egregious miscarriage of justice, so too let us hope that Judge Galati is himself judged by society. We all feel your hurt and outrage, but stay strong and defiant like Chanel and live a good life, knowing we are all with you in solidarity.

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  3. This episode was just heartbreaking! I’m so sorry for your loss and James’ family. I’m absolutely disgusted by the sentencing of these two animals in this case. Titusi deserves at a minimum the same sentence as Jesse. But not for him, this whole altercation would never have happened! I’m my opinion they should have been sentenced to 20-life or MORE – ideally more. I can only imagine the slap on the wrist they received felt more like a slap in the face for James’ loved ones. I can’t even imagine but my one goal coming out of this would be to have the partial and incompetent judge removed from office. He doesn’t deserve to wear a robe. And if that prosecutor doesn’t think he can win a murder case that should’ve been a slam dunk, they need a new career. He should be ashamed of himself.

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  4. Disgraceful miscarriage of justice! Another example of Canada’s pathetic excuse for a ‘justice’ system.

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  5. Hi. I am watching See No Evil – The Man in the Red Jacket episode about this case. It is an outrage that these thugs got such light sentences. I try not to think of it as the justice system because it’s about legality and lawyers trying to beat the system – it has nothing to do with the value of the victims. I hope these thugs have a conscience but, hey, no consequences, no worries. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend – his actions on that night, trying to protect you, shows he was a decent, good man. Those kids aren’t decent men.

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